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Tips for Preserve Your Collection of Wine during Cold Weather

Posted on 09 October 2023

It's no secret that cold weather and wine don't quite go together like cheese and wine do. That's why it's crucial to know how to keep your wine safe and sound during those chilly months. In this blog, we're gonna give you the lowdown on the best tips for looking after your wine collection, tips for bracing against cold, and how to store it when the mercury drops.

Cold Weather And Wine Storage

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While cold weather isn't as rough on wine as the scorching heat, you still gotta watch out. Sudden temperature plunges can send a perfectly good bottle of wine down the drain. So, if you've got a wine cellar, make sure it's well-insulated and keeps a steady temperature. Consider investing in wine cooling units to give your vino the protection it deserves. And don't forget about your wine rack dimensions – ensure your wine racks are suitable for your space and can accommodate the bottles comfortably. Whether you've got a few bottles or a whole stash, shielding your wine from the cold is a must.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Wine Warm With Modularack Wine Racks

  • You've put your hard-earned cash into your wine collection, so don't let the cold snap turn it into plonk. But why is it so crucial to guard your wine against the cold?
  • Well, when the wine gets too chilly, the bottle can crack, or the cork might pop due to the pressure and expansion, leading to oxidation. Oxidation can completely alter the flavor, and no one wants that, right?
  • In extreme cold, wine can actually freeze and form crystals, which messes with the taste and aroma. If you're wondering when wine freezes, it's typically at 22°F and below. Sparkling wine is especially susceptible to cold damage.
  • To ensure your wine stays in tip-top shape, you need to know the ropes of proper wine storage.

Tips For Bracing Against The Cold

Here are a few dinky-di tips to keep your wine cozy when the cold front rolls in:

  1. Use a Wine Cellar:Storing your wine in a dedicated wine room, like a cellar, is bonza for protecting it from the cold. If you've got wine racks in the kitchen or other spots around the house, they could be exposed to the cold. But watch out, heaters can sneakily raise the temperature around your wine without you even realizing it. Wine cellars should keep things steady at around 55°F.
  2. Insulate the Wine Cellar:Make sure your wine cellar is well-insulated to maintain that Goldilocks temperature of 55°F. Glass-enclosed wine cellars are a top choice since they offer insulation and UV ray protection.
  3. Use Wine Cooling Units:Proper ventilation, temperature, and humidity levels are key to safeguarding your wine. Having a cooling unit in your wine cellar is the go-to move. Don't be surprised, even red wine should be kept relatively cool, between 45°F and 65°F.
  4. Store Your Wine in Proper Humidity:High humidity in the cellar or storage area can also affect the lifespan of your wine. When humidity is low, the fungus dries out and leaves an oxygen-starved scar; when humidity is high, it causes the label to come off the bottle, making it difficult to display or sell. In general, your wine cellar should be between 60% and 68%.
  5. Store Wine at the Proper Temperature:When it comes to ensuring your wine stays in condition the temperature is crucial. In general, it is recommended to aim for 13 degrees Celsius (55 degrees Fahrenheit), for both term and long-term storage. However, it's important to note that different types of wines may have their preferences. If you're uncertain it's an idea to have a conversation with the winemaker, for guidance. Keep tabs on the temp with a temperature and humidity monitor. This way, your wine won't be too hot or too cold.
  6. Protect Wine from Light and Vibration:To ensure the quality of your wine it's important to store it in a place regardless of whether you plan to keep it for months, weeks, or days. Exposure, to UV rays from sunlight, can negatively affect the flavors and aromas of the wine. Additionally, it's advisable to keep your wine from sources of vibration like washing machines dryers, exercise areas, or stereo systems. Vibrations can disturb the sediments, in the bottle. Disrupt the aging process that makes wines mature gracefully.
  7. Invest in a Wine Refrigerator:If you're serious about wine storage, a wine refrigerator with precise temperature and humidity control is a worthwhile investment.By following these tips, you can ensure that your wooden wine racks not only withstand the cold but also help your cherished wine collection age gracefully. So, when winter arrives, your wine will be as cozy as can be.

Protect Your Wine With Wine Racks Australia

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