Find and enjoy your favourite wines easily with Modularack Wine Racks.

Modularack - Wine Rack

Modularack - Wine Rack

Modularack is the gem in our wine rack range. Designed for both commercial and residential application, its strong, sturdy and has stood the test of time since production commenced in 1978.

Modularack is a modular, stackable wine racking system that is designed to allow you to gradually add to your wine racks as your wine collection grows. Perfect for those starting their wine collection, to those who need large scale cellars, Modularack looks great and provides a true cellar atmosphere.

Modularack is environmentally sound, being manufactured of Australian plantation-grown radiata pine, a particularly strong and attractive timber. Our natural pine finish allows you the option to paint or varnish to match any décor. 

Modularack is one of the strongest and most stable wine racks. It is proudly Australian made, takes only minutes to erect and requires no tools, glue, nails or screws to assemble - pieces simply fit together.

Modularack Top Wine Rack Shelf

From $62.52 - $90.83

12 Bottle Wine Rack - Vinrack

From $49.95 - $59.95

18 Bottle Wine Rack - Vinrack

From $54.90 - $63.95

48 Bottle Wine Rack - Vinrack

From $114.30 - $129.90

Questions And Answers

Should I buy a wine rack or a wine refrigerator?

There are good reasons to have both. Stackable wine racks like Modularack provide the benefit of larger bottle capacity than a wine fridge. Because most wine fridges will hold a limited amount of bottles, a large wine rack will allow you to store more bottles than a wine fridge. A modular wine rack will allow you to continually build your wine cellar capacity as your wine collection grows. Wooden wine racks also provide a unique aesthetic and true wine cellar atmosphere that can lack with a wine fridge. Our wine storage racks are designed to keep the bottles cork completely moist which its ideal for long term cellaring.

A wine stand like Modularack Wine Racks will allow you to access every bottle you have, without having to sort through bottles that are buried in a wine fridge. If you have the room for both, maybe place 10% of your wine in a wine fridge and the remaining 90% on our wine cellar racks.

How difficult is it to assemble and install wine racks?

Installing our modular wine rack is so simple and FUN! It is like Lego for grown ups. The pieces snuggly fit together and require no glue or tools for assembly. Because of the simple design and ease of assembly, many of our customers who have gone to buy wine rack have commented about the fun they had building their wine stand and then filling it with wine (whilst having a glass or two). It brings many people joy being able to finally pull bottles out of wine cases they have hidden away for months and years.

Why would I use wine racks if they are not in a temperature controlled wine cellar?

Having a purpose built, temperature controlled wine room is expensive and out of reach for many people. For those who are lucky enough to have the space and budget for a temperature controlled wine cellar, our stackable wine rack will look great in there.

Our Australian wine rack is affordable and allows you to build them under the house, in cupboards, under stairs, the garage, in the living room, kitchen or anywhere else you have space. Long term cellaring is best in areas where there is minimal direct sunlight, minimal vibrations and a cool constant temperature.

Will the bottles be stacked on top of each other?

Many people ask what is the best way to cellar wine. Our original design will keep the wine bottle tilted horizontally to keep the cork completely moist. A cork will dry, deteriorate and over time shrink if it is left in an upright position. Cellaring a bottle upright will allow air into the wine and oxidise the wine (often referred to as corked wine, tastes awful). Bottles placed in our wooden wine rack are horizontally stacked, allowing easy access to each and every bottle. Facing the wine label up on our wine rack will also allow you to check sediment build up, helpful when decanting wine.

Where can I fit the wine rack?

Our timber wine racks come in nine standard sizes (refer to our wine rack dimensions page). You can fit Modularack in almost any space. You can even place Modularack units side by side if you have a long wall. Modularack allows you to have a small wine rack or large wine rack. Our stackable wine rack can be built roof high. We recommend securing it to the wall with a light L-shaped bracket commonly available at all hardware stores.

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