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Why Modularack Wine Storage Racks

Strength and Stability

Modularack are reliable, extremely sturdy and trusted the world over as the best wine rack to cellar wine.

No Tools Required

Modularack has been designed for simple assembly, no glue or tools needed. Modularack is precision made so the components securely fit together.

Maximum Storage

Being modular, additional layers can be added as your wine collection grows. Our customers still continue to add layers to their home cellars, 36 years after their original purchase!


Our unique design is purpose built to ensure the cork of a wine bottle is always kept completely moist – greatly reducing the occurrence of corkage – wines No.1 enemy.

Won’t Damage Your Wine Labels

Modularack will not rip and tear your wine labels, unlike cheaper, inferior products on the market.

True Cellar Atmosphere

Perfect for cupboards, under stairs, restaurants, bars or anywhere you wish to cellar your wine.

Modular System

There is no limit to how high you build Modularack, simply add more layers as your wine collection grows.

Wine Boxes Be Gone

Neatly cellar your wine in Modularack and get rid of jumbled and torn wine boxes. We are Best Wine Rack Company in Australia since 1978!

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