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5 Tips to Select the Perfect Wine Rack

Posted on 25 October 2019

We seldom let go of good wine, and they make great gifts too. So, often we find ourselves in possession of several bottles which we would like to store for future use. Wine racks in their endless variety have been a great wine storage solution. But a lot depends on the wine rack to keep your fine wines stay fine for long.

So, here are five tips to help you choose the perfect wine rack.

Bottle shape and size no bar

A good wine rack should match your favourite wine type and the bottles in your collection. It should ideally provide wine storage solutions for Bordeaux bottles, Magnum, Champagne, half bottles, etc. And, the opening should be wide enough for easy access and secure keeping.

Material matters

The best wine racks are made of wood. Oak and pine are the varieties most preferred for their sturdiness and the ability to not interfere with aromas of the wine stored. That’s why plantation-grown Australian pine wine racks make an ideal wine storage solution. It’s also great for climate control, which is necessary for wine storage.

Good design is a sure sign

Storing wine bottles takes into account a lot of factors, starting from temperature to inclination to stability and durability. The perfect wine rack will have smoothly designed edges that won’t damage labels and horizontal seating to avoid corkage. It should also allow you to check for sedimentation in older wines.

Customise it

The wine rack you choose should perfectly fit your collection size, décor and choice of storage place. So whether your collection is of six bottles or sixty, whether you want it placed in your dining room or cellar or under the stairs, whether you want it varnished or painted to your choice, a perfect wine rack will fit anywhere. Also, custom fitting options in wine racks set them apart from the supermarket varieties.

Limited or bulk storage

Most wine collections start small with dozens and then keep increasing with time. The perfect wine rack will allow for growth in your collection. Professional and sturdy designs should bear the added weight and keep your wine in the best condition.

Wine storage solution perfectionists like Modularack, have perfection in designs, technical expertise in providing layouts for given dimensions and collection size, and a legacy of four quality decades in the Australian industry. Your search for the perfect wine rack ends here!

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