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The Reasons Why I Started Cellaring Wine

Posted on 30 January 2018

I started storing red wine 45 years ago, the reason being that I found that wines with older vintage years tasted better for my palate. 

I had a chance meeting with Dan Murphy (before Dan Murphy’s Cellars was a business) at a wine club he started called the Vintage Club (in Melbourne, Australia). The advice he gave me was always to buy a case (12 bottles) minimum. The advantage was although I enjoyed the wine, I always kept some for future enjoyment also.

It didn’t take long for a large collection of wine required something to store them in. Modularack Wine Rack’s was perfect. I used the 12 bottle width Modularack wine rack because I had many different wines and wanted to read the labels on the bottles easily. Modularack was the perfect wine storage rack for my needs. I built 19 layers high of 12 bottles wide, fitted from my floor to the ceiling of my cellar. My wine storage was sorted from then on.

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