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On the hunt for the perfect accessory to store your favourite wines? Modularack wine rack could be just the thing you’re looking for! Whether you want a small rack to hold a few bottles or one that can house your entire collection, we’ve got you covered. As a simple wine storage solution, Modularack allows you to stack your wines neatly. No matter how small or big your space is, we have a rack that will fit.  Ideal for both home users and those who need large-scale wine cellars, Modularack offers a true cellar experience. You can start with one rack and grow your collection easily with our modular wine racks for home. They come in several heights and widths, and you simply have to add more layers as your collection grows.  

Precision-made for quick assembly, our wooden racks can be set up in minutes. No cutting, gluing or tools needed! Thanks to their beautiful natural pine finish which can be painted or varnished to match any décor, these racks are perfect to show off your collection. They make a great gift for wine lovers and collectors too.

With over four decades in business, Modularack is known and trusted for high-quality modular wine racks that are strong, sturdy, and have stood the test of time. All our products are proudly 100% Australian-made and eco-friendly as they are manufactured from the finest quality of sustainable plantation-grown radiata pine available locally.

Place your order now and get your wine rack shipped and delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia for free!

Modularack is the gem in our wine rack range. Designed for both commercial and residential application, its strong, sturdy and has stood the test of time since production commenced in 1978.

Modularack is a modular, stackable wine racking system that is designed to allow you to gradually add to your wine racks as your wine collection grows. Perfect for those starting their wine collection, to those who need large scale cellars, Modularack looks great and provides a true cellar atmosphere.

Modularack is environmentally sound, being manufactured of Australian plantation-grown radiata pine, a particularly strong and attractive timber. Our natural pine finish allows you the option to paint or varnish to match any décor.

Modularack is one of the strongest and most stable wine racks. It is proudly Australian made, takes only minutes to erect and requires no tools, glue, nails or screws to assemble - pieces simply fit together.

Questions You May Have About Modularack Wine Racks

Should I buy a wine rack or a wine refrigerator?

There are good reasons to have both. Stackable wine racks like Modularack provide the benefit of larger bottle capacity than a wine fridge. Because most wine fridges will hold a limited amount of bottles, a large wine rack will allow you to store more bottles than a wine fridge. They allow you to continually build your wine cellar capacity as your wine collection grows. Wooden wine racks also provide a unique aesthetic and true wine cellar atmosphere that can lack with a wine fridge. Our wine storage racks are designed to keep the bottles cork completely moist which its ideal for long term cellaring.

A wine stand like Modularack Racks will allow you to access every bottle you have, without having to sort through bottles that are buried in a wine fridge. If you have the room for both, maybe place 10% of your wine in a wine fridge and the remaining 90% on our wine cellar racks.

How difficult is it to assemble and install wine racks?

Installing our modular wine rack is so simple and FUN! It is like Lego for grown ups. The pieces snuggly fit together and require no glue or tools for assembly. Because of the simple design and ease of assembly, many of our customers who have gone to buy wine rack have commented about the fun they had building their wine stand and then filling it with wine (whilst having a glass or two). It brings many people joy being able to finally pull bottles out of wine cases they have hidden away for months and years.

Why would I use wine racks if they are not in a temperature controlled wine cellar?

Having a purpose built, temperature controlled wine room is expensive and out of reach for many people. For those who are lucky enough to have the space and budget for a temperature controlled wine cellar, our stackable wooden wine rack will look great in there.

Our Australian wine rack is affordable and allows you to build them under the house, in cupboards, under stairs, the garage, in the living room, kitchen or anywhere else you have space. Long term cellaring is best in areas where there is minimal direct sunlight, minimal vibrations and a cool constant temperature.

Will the bottles be stacked on top of each other?

Many people ask what is the best way to cellar wine. Our original design will keep the wine bottle tilted horizontally to keep the cork completely moist. A cork will dry, deteriorate and over time shrink if it is left in an upright position. Cellaring a bottle upright will allow air into the wine and oxidise the wine (often referred to as corked wine, tastes awful). Bottles placed in our wooden racks are horizontally stacked, allowing easy access to each and every bottle. Facing the wine label up on our wine rack will also allow you to check sediment build up, helpful when decanting wine.

Where can I fit the wine rack?

Our Australian timber wine racks come in nine standard sizes (refer to our wine rack dimensions page). You can fit Modularack in almost any space. You can even place them side by side if you have a long wall. Our stackable wine rack can be built roof high. We recommend securing it to the wall with a light L-shaped bracket commonly available at all hardware stores.

How to instantly set up your wine racks in minutes instead of hours?

It is simple. Order a Modularack wine rack for your wine storage solution! Our Modular wine racks are cut with fine precision and made in such a way that the component parts fit securely together. Remember, no tools or glue are required at all! The parts are packed flat along with detailed instructions with each package. The instructions and assembling of our racks are extremely easy to follow. Modularack pieces simply fit together and this is how you can install wine racks in mere minutes, store your collection and toast with a glass of red!

What’s so special about the wooden wine racks from Modularack?

Modularack wine racks are made from plantation-grown pine that is sourced from within Australia. Thus, you have 100% Australian-made wooden racks that are known for their strength and stability. The radiate pine used for making wine racks in Modularack is a hard and high-density timber, which when combined with the stable design of our products, resulting in wine racks that can stand the test of time as well as care for your prized wine collection.

Our racks have never had issues of cracking or warping. What’s more, they come in two options of natural pine finish or dark stain finish. Besides, the superior quality natural pine does not require any oil or varnish for maintenance, unless you would want to stain to your preferred colour. our wine racks are naturally beautiful.

The design is stable and can carry the added weight of your wines quite comfortably. The modular design also means that you can add layers to your Wooden racks as your collection increases. If you still wish to fix them to the walls to counter uneven floors or just for some peace of mind, then all you would need are light brackets!

What's the difference between other assembled wine racks and Modularack wine racks?

Wooden wine racks from Modularack are the most versatile option available and that is where they differ from other assembled wine racks. Our wine racks can house bottles from a mere dozen to thousands while being the most stable structure and retaining the ease if assembling too. With us, your wine cellar width dimensions can range from 4 bottles to 12 bottles and storage includes custom holds for wine, magnum and champagne bottles.

Also, unlike other assembled wine racks the Modularack option allows you to add layers with ease to accommodate your growing collection. So, just add a layer whenever you have a new collection with any number of bottles to store. Our wine racks also stores your wine horizontally thus avoiding the problem of corkage, letting you remove bottles for consumption with ease and no disturbance to others in the cellar. Moreover, reading labels and checking for sedimentation is easier due to the highly specialised designs.

How is Modularack different from other brands?

Modularack is a quality product that requires no installation hassles, unlike other wine storage solutions. They are the best wine racks you could ask for because right after there are delivered, you can assemble them and have them ready to use. You don’t have to wait for any technician or require any tools to install them!

We provides you with a customised wooden rack that will fit in your given dimensions, accommodate your bottle collection, and can be stained to match your home décor. Besides, Modularack wine racks can grow with your wine collection.

Rather than overhauling your wine cellar, We have the option of adding layers to the wine racks in your home cellar as the core design is modular. Therefore, unlike other brands, We assures you of maximum storage even in the future.

Why choose Modularack's wine racks vs. DIY wine racks?

Wine storage solutions need to consider a lot of factors such as design, material, stability, etc. because they have the potential to affect the quality of the wine. Besides, bottle shapes and sizes also need to be factored in as well. For example, We have three custom sizes available to accommodate magnum bottles and these can be customised into the wine rack during ordering. What’s more? Modularack can also custom fit your cellar with all required accessories and design specifications that are peculiar to your space and wine collection.

On the other hand, building a DIY will require sourcing a plan that answers the conditions and dimensions of your wine cellar — a task that Modularack incorporates easily when you order from us. Next, the procuring supplies and building on your finalised design will require a lot of money and time, not to mention, a steady degree of quality workmanship. We provide quality product based on years of design perfection and professional manufacturing with no room for error.

Wine racks are necessary to protect your wine bottles from changes in heat, light, and temperature and from unnecessary movement. They should be placed horizontally with the right amount of tilt so that the cork is always completely moist. These specifications are only possible with professional and sturdy designs that Modularack we provide with an experience of four decades to vouch for. No amount of DIY effort is worth risking your prized wine collection.

Why are Modularack wine racks better for your wine?

Wooden wine racks from Modularack are designed specifically to provide the right atmosphere, care, and longevity to wines. They are not only better but the ideal wine storage solution.

Our Modular designs can be perfectly suited to fit into your cupboards, occupy the space under the stairs or dining room or basement in your home to provide a true cellar atmosphere. Even bars and restaurants can opt for our wine racks for a perfect organisation and storage.

The care of wine bottles is of utmost priority in wine storage solutions and therefore, we have the best option to get rid of those ugly boxes and tidy up your wine cellar where your wine bottles are cradled in perfectly designed racks that do not damage the labels. Your collection is stored with precision care that does not lead to any nicks or tears.

Unlike many inferior wine racks in the market, we have given special thought to avoid corkage through its unique design. A wine rack from Modularack is designed to keep the corks of wine bottles moist, thus, ensuring a long life for your wine and complete peace of mind for you.

How does Modularack help you to have customised wine storage solutions?

Modularack will be happy to assist in designing your designated storage area with professional suggestions regarding the layout. You could just communicate the height and width of your storage area and we, will send you design dimensions combining our standard racks of 9 dimensions that will be the perfect wine storage solution for you. Our designs will let you cellar the maximum number of bottles in your designated space. We can also custom fit your cellar with the best fitting wooden wine racks once your cellar dimensions are received.

What is the legacy of Modularack?

A rich experience of 40 years, a humble beginning that prospered because of satisfied customers and a legacy of affordable and premium wooden wine racks that are customisable to fit your décor, size of wine collection, types of bottles and area of placement. Whether you are a budding connoisseur who wants to start a wine cellar or an apartment dweller who wishes to organise their favourite bottles, Modularack is the one-stop-shop for all of your wine storage solutions. The best legacy of Modularack is the love and trust that wine lovers have placed on us making us the best name in wine racks and wine cellar since 1978!

Is Modularack available outside Australia?

The Modularack brand is synonymous with safety and trust. Since 1978, we have served wine lovers in Australia and are even loved abroad. Our stockists are present all over the world to offer our customers our extensive wine rack product ranges. Please write to for the nearest point of contact.

Modularack - Wine Rack

Modularack - Wine Rack

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